Nutritional supplements for weight loss

Losing weight isn’t that easy. That is why you should get all the help you can if you plan to lose weight, especially if you have to lose a lot of weight. Here is a list of the best affordable supplements you can use to sky rocket your weight loss results:

• B vitamins help metabolize carbohydrates and proteins. Take 50-100 mg daily;

• L-tyrosine reduces appetite. Take 500 mg before each meal;

• Coenzyme Q10 is a metabolic supplement which favors weight loss – it is particularly useful if you feel very tired. Take 100 mg daily;

• Triphala is good for cleaning the colon;

• Super concentrated foods (green alfalfa, green barley, couch grass, seaweed, spirulin, chlorella, royal jelly, bee pollen, propolis, wild liquorices, nettle, aloe Vera, Siberian ginseng and Echinacea) increase metabolism, provide good quality protein and balance blood sugar levels;

• Digestive enzyme supplements increase the intake of nutrients and help mitigate appetite. Take one capsule with every meal;

• Flax oil supplements or seeds meet the urgent need of essential fatty acids;

• Chromium polynicotinate regulates sudden variations of blood sugar levels. Take 200 mcg daily at lunch and dinner;

• Chickweed extract helps break down persistent fat deposits. Drink 2 cups of chickweed tea daily;

• Lecithin helps the body use fat. Take one tablespoon of lecithin granules 2 times a day;

• Healthy fibers for cleaning the system. Take psyllium husks between meals – with a large amount of water;

• Ginseng is used for feeding the metabolic system and help the liver break down fats effectively. Take 2 tablets daily (500 mg) or drink ginseng tea twice a day.

Many of us say … “I want to lose weight” but also many of us have no idea how to do that properly. The secret lies in working out a lot and choosing a healthy diet. You should also consider visiting a quick weight loss center. To lose weight faster you can use weight loss supplements too, just as long as you make sure they aren’t harming your body.

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