Oil Massage: Dressing Down for Your Treatment

Have you always wanted to get an oil massage, but for one reason or another never made it? Or maybe you were on the verge of going, but then stopped because you had reservations of one kind or another. For instance, you may have wondered what it’s like to get a massage, if you keep your clothes on or are exposed while the therapist does his or her work. You may have even thought that you might be offered a “happy ending” or some other sexual service. This guide is meant to take you through the initial part of the massage process and put your mind at ease so you can experience this relaxing, therapeutic treatment.

When you go to get a massage, you will be asked before the first treatment to provide some information about yourself. Most massage clinics nowadays will provide a form for you to mark off any areas of the body in which you have discomfort, much like when you visit the doctor.

Once the therapist has interviewed you to find out what you need from that day’s massage treatment, you will be asked to dress down to your comfort level while the therapist leaves the room to give you privacy.

“Comfort level” obviously means how much clothing you feel okay taking off. It’s really up to you. Usually, clients will strip down to their underwear, and women tend to take their bra off, too. This is a good idea because the therapist will have a much easier time working on your back if there’s nothing there to hinder movement. Women shouldn’t have to worry about exposing their breasts, either, as the sheet should be covering this area at all times. If the therapist intends to do work on that area, he/ she can either ask for permission first, or do the work through the sheet. Keep in mind that this is just standard procedure, and sometimes therapists neglect to do this, so it would be good to tell the therapist to keep your sensitive areas covered at all times if you feel any anxiety about this.

PeteOil Massage: Dressing Down for Your Treatment