One Leg Vertical Jump Exercise

In basketball, you will most often see players running and jumping. This is what the game is all about, outrun your opponents to reach your ring faster, jump higher than them to block more, shoot more, rebound more. That is why a lot of aspiring athletes do not just practice on running, they also give a lot of focus on vertical jump training.

However, most of these rookies try to increase their vertical jump using both of their feet. What they failed to recognize is that in basketball, you will more often jump with either of your leg and not both of them at the same time. That is why if you consult a jump manual, it will tell you that it is important to practice jumping with each leg as much as with both of them at the same time.

One of the ways on how to increase vertical jump using just one leg is through jump rope. Put a twist in this classic exercise routine and instead of using both feet, jump on just one foot. After a couple of minutes, switch your feet and practice jumping using the other one. Once you have given enough time to both feet, rest for a while and do it all over again. This conditions your legs to work independently without requiring support from the other. Do this every other day as your single leg training and you will not only increase your vertical jump, you will also increase your leg’s independent strengths. This will help you both in jumping and running, giving you an edge over your opponents.

It should be noted, however, that results will not manifest overnight. Do your training every so often without exerting too much force each time. Gradual increase in your training over a period of time will help you more than forcing your muscles to develop and increase its capability in one big blow.

PeteOne Leg Vertical Jump Exercise