One of a Kind Butterfly Knives

There is nothing quite like the flashing, flipping action of butterfly knives in the hands of a skilled practitioner.  These popular weapons are the favorite of many knife enthusiasts, and have some unique features setting them apart from typical blade.

It is hard to pinpoint the origins of the butterfly knife, but many believe it to be a product of the Philippines, and has even earned the nickname ‘Balisong,’ possibly for the city there where it is still made.  The knife, a folding unit with double handles rotating around a central tang, is easily concealed, and locks into place with a latch at the bottom of one handle.

There are many types of butterfly knives for sale, including those with dull training blades to prevent injury to the user.  Such a knife, like the one made by Spyderco, offers longer handles, a blunt-nose blade, and a spring-loaded latch which locks on either side to accommodate right or left handed knife wielders.

A serious blade made of tough steel and solid construction, the traditional Balisong made by Cold Steel is all business.  Even though it is a butterfly knife, it has a safety feature preventing it from being released by one hand.  This model has an unusual ‘split tang,’ and the handles rotate a full one hundred eighty degrees around the knife blade.

Additional features include handles made from solid anodized aluminum to resist scratches and damage from the elements; and for the record, Cold Steel claims this knife is completely legal.

The fascination with butterfly knives has created a demand for tougher construction, faster action, and harder blades.  The ‘Mayhem Butterfly’ exemplifies this, with minimalist styling, and superior materials.  This blade retails for over $300 dollars, offers a sharpening service for life, and a lifetime warranty on the stainless steel edge and titanium handles.

PeteOne of a Kind Butterfly Knives