Options for Selling Your Home

If you have a house that you are desperately wanting to sell, you may not know what the best course of action is.  Your options will largely be based on your personal situation and your motivation for selling.  Someone who would like to move, but does not necessarily need to is going to take a much different approach than someone who needs to sell their home.

If selling isn’t urgent, chances are listing your home with a real estate agent and hoping for the best is your best alternative.  You could even try to sell the home yourself.  If things don’t work out, you can always consider other options later.

If you need to sell your home because your job is causing you to need to relocate, or you are concerned that you are headed for foreclosure, the reality may be that you don’t have the time to sell your home via the conventional means.

If you are just trying to walk away, you can always sell to a real estate investor.  You should understand that chances are, they will only be willing to offer you a fraction of what you home is worth.  Typically, you can expect to get 60% or less of the value.

Another option is renting your home.  If becoming a landlord isn’t something you want to do, a better alternative may be offering your home for rent to own.

When you sell your home via rent to own contracts, you can expect to get full fair market value for your home.  You should also charge a payment that covers all of the payments associated with your home, including taxes and insurance.  Many home owners like this option better than renting, because it gives them a defined exit strategy.  Additionally, since the tenant buyer plans to eventually own the home, chances are they will take better care of it that a renter would.

PeteOptions for Selling Your Home