Our School System And The President

Grants for moms going back to school are now highly desired by mothers who heard President Obama’s “women return to school” speech. Unfortunately, it was only a speech and there are not any particular grants just for ladies or mothers who’re making an attempt to go back to school.

The Obama grants speech was just one of many motivational speeches made by this president that are just like all the other ones made before him. All presidents want to look like they are very concerned with furthering our schools and in the long run, nothing seems to get done. If you look at all the education speeches made by Obama and the prior presidents, you might start to wonder why we still have such a bad education system.

There are Pell grants out there that you may get which can aid with your tuition bills but they’re nothing new and have been out there for a lot of years. The dollar amount that may be paid out for 2010 has gone up but barely enough to keep up with inflation so it is nothing for any government official to brag about. So far in his presidency, Obama has done nothing out of the ordinary to make things better for our schools. 

There is one thing he has accomplished and that is to get a student loan bill passed through the House and Congress. This bill will take all student loans away from the private sector and predictably, put the federal government in charge of them. President Obama feels that the government can loan out money with lower rates and make it easier to pay back than private industry can. This, if it works, would be a good thing for students. 

Obama’s student loans legislation will not take effect for several years and it may be challenged in the courts before then. If it does become the law, it is very unclear whether it will really be a good thing for students or whether it will be another instance of the government taking something over and failing at it.

PeteOur School System And The President