Out With The Old And In With The New Men’s Dog Tags

Fashion keeps on repeating itself. If an item is being resurfaced, it either comes out with the exact same style that it has had before or it gets a new and updated look to it. Just like the mens dog tags. Years ago these were only worn by men who were in the military. These were used as their identification tags but now, it is worn like an everyday fashion accessory.

What are the new improvements of the mens dog tag necklaces? First is modification of the dog tag plate design. The dog tag plate which the military men had was oval shaped, which is still the basic shape of the men’s dog tag jewelry of today. However, it also has other shape variations like square, rectangle, cylinder or even circle.

The necklace chains can carry a single dog tag plate but men are also given the freedom to adjoin another one with the same size or a bigger or smaller sized plate. They can even choose to let the extra plate have a small chain hanging on the main necklace chain itself.

Another improvement is the color choices. Back then, the military dog tags were made of aluminum, stainless steel, gold or copper. Now, they can have even more choices like black tungsten. Several dog tags even have prints on them like tribal drawings or skulls. Occasionally, jewelry stores will present to you the prime ones that they offer to their customers but rest assured that they will also cater to customized dog tags.

In terms of engraving, they are no longer limited to just being a name tag where the soldier’s name and branch of service. Now, men can place their initials, put their favorite symbol or numbers or they can also choose to have a photo engraved. They can be simple inscriptions or a computer generated text or image. With regards to the photo engraving, the photo’s color will be dependent on the dog plate’s material. Furthermore, men’s dog tag jewelry can also be either smooth surfaced or ridged with an option to place stones on them.

When it comes to pricing these men’s dog tags, affordable ones run around $20 to $80 from a regular jewelry store but some can go as a high as $400 if you go with the fancy ones. Either way, it would not really matter as long as the style you are looking for is being satisfactorily made.

PeteOut With The Old And In With The New Men’s Dog Tags