Outdoor Storage Options

If you are looking for ways to gain more storage space for your outdoor items, but don’t quite need all the space that a shed offers (or don’t have the space to house a shed), then there are other storage options you can consider for your outdoor storage needs.  One such option is to utilize a locker outdoors.  Storage lockers can be used about anywhere and come in a wide variety of sizes, so whether you need a space on your patio to house your cushions when not in use, a storage space near the pool to keep the pool toys at the end of the day, or an area in your backyard to store your children’s myriad of outdoor items, you should be able to find a locker size and style to fit your needs.

Another option you can consider is a bench that has a compartment that you can use for storage.  Storage benches are a great way to store extra items outdoors and serve a dual functionality.  While they provide the space that you may need to store patio items, garden items or pool accessories, they offer the added bonus of also providing a place that you can sit as well.  These benches can be purchased in wood, PVC or plastic, or you can even make your own  bench with a basic set of plans and some basic carpentry skills.

If your storage needs exceed the amount of storage you can get from either a locker or a bench, then you may want to consider investing in a shed to house all of your exterior items, or you can designate some space in your garage for that purpose.  Of course, you can get a shed in a wide array of sizes, so you should be able to find models both large and small to best serve your needs.

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