Oven Cooking with a Halogen

If you wanted to combine the power of an electric oven with the speed of a microwave, the result would be a halogen oven. You’ve probably seen these devices if you’ve spent any time watching the home shopping channel. A few years back, they were released for general sale, and they have been growing in popularity ever since. While they certainly won’t revolutionize the way you cook, they do make things a whole lot easier. They are portable enough to place on your counter top, and their multi-function ability to grill, broil, and roast is a welcome addition to any kitchen.

Halogen ovens use infrared radiation as their main power source, and they expand on convection oven technology to circulate heat within a smaller container. The outer walls of a halogen oven are made of see-through material that allows you to watch your food cook. Although the device operates at higher temperatures than an electric oven, the safety features and reinforced glass make the appliance quite safe to use. It’s very difficult to burn your food unless you really aren’t paying attention, and the outer heat containment allows you to touch the oven while cooking.

These machines might be smaller than a traditional oven, but that just goes to show you how much energy a regular oven wastes. The halogen is more compact and efficient and you can bet that every ounce of space within is heated to ensure even cooking. You can still cook entire roasts and whole chickens if you want, and you might find the result to be juicier than you’ve ever had before. Most halogen ovens are reasonably prices and certainly cheaper than electric ovens, so that should allow you to at least give an economical model a try. You might be delightfully surprised by the resulting food that just might be juicier than anything you’ve prepared before.

PeteOven Cooking with a Halogen