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Negligence, the most common cause for a personal injury case  is seriously regarded in the state of California. Pursuing a personal injury case due to negligence can be very daunting  because of the complexity and intricacies of the legal justice system but with the expertise that Palmdale personal injury lawyers can deliver, any client is assured of a winning edge.

According to the law of negligence, a person is held accountable for personal injuries if he was careless in causing your injuries. In theory, persons who act negligently do not intend to cause injury. However, their careless or thoughtless action has caused physical harm to another. As a test to determine whether a person has really acted negligently, a question is asked if how a reasonable person would have acted in the same situation. A “reasonable person” is actually not a real person but is a representation of what an individual’s action should be in accordance with the expectations of the community, which is doing something without causing damage, harm or injuries to others. These information is better explained by legal experts like Palmdale injury lawyers.

In order to win through a personal injury claim under the law of negligence in California, the injured party is given the burden of proving that

  • The offending party owed the victim a duty of care under the circumstances. For example, it is a taxi driver’s legal duty to his passengers to drive hisvehicle with reasonable caution.
  • The defendant breached the duty of care when there is failure to act as a reasonable person would have acted under similar circumstances.
  • The claimant have suffered personal injury and/or other damages resulting from the breach of the defendant’s (responsible party) duty of care. These damages usually take the form of physical injuries, financial loss, and/or property damage.

Make sure you have the information you need to make an educated decision on choosing a lawyer as you pursue a personal injury case. Seek the legal advice from your Palmdale personal injury lawyers the soonest time possible at 1543 East Palmdale Boulevard, Palmdale, CA 93550(661) 257-7770.

PetePalmdale Personal Injury Lawyers: Advocates of Personal Injury Cases