Perfume Review: Knowing for Women by Estée Lauder

This perfume was launched in 1988 and although it is not the most famous of the Estée Lauder perfume house, nor the oldest (Beautiful perfume was launched three years earlier and it is way more popular), it still has a respectable fan base.
It was created taking as a reference a self-confident woman, who knows who she is and what she wants. Following Estée Lauder’s tradition, the list of ingredients is very long: rose, plum, jasmine, patchouli are just a few of them.
The opening notes are classic florals, mainly roses and jasmine, with a broad trail and great personality. In the middle notes, jasmine stands out. At this stage Knowing is very similar to Creed perfume Green Irish Tweed, which is actually a men’s perfume. This shouldn’t sound strange at all, since jasmine is a versatile ingredient, and it’s used both in masculine and feminine fragrances. The difference would be made by the intensity of the jasmine, very strong in feminine perfumes.
Although this Estée Lauder  perfume wants to be the essence of femininity, there are also some woody notes in the background, typical of masculine perfumes.
The base notes are fresher, with jasmine still on the foreground with lemon blossom and amber.
Since the very opening, this fragrance conveys an image of a self-confident femininity, a personality that can stand out from the crowd with a perfume with a deep and complex aroma. In a work environment, it projects a professional image, and for an evening use it’s suitable for formal and semi-informal situations, especially in the summer season. From a romantic point of view, the character of this perfume goes back to the roots of perfumery, when a fragrance was created with the purpose of seducing someone. Not a perfume for teenagers though as the age range would be between 30 and 60 years, especially between 35 and 40.

PetePerfume Review: Knowing for Women by Estée Lauder