Peterson Propane Powered Campfire

Regardless of the backyard decor that graces your yard, every outdoor environment can benefit from the addition of a fire pit. Although thought of as a way to keep warm, fire pits add a degree of stylistic depth to a yard while adding soft yellow light. The flames are just as impressive as wood burning fire pits, dancing and swaying in a surreal way. Just like most outdoor decor, fire pits come in many styles ranging from rustic to modern. One reason you don’t see more of them in yards is because some people find tending logs distasteful. The good news is that propane powered fire pits don’t require log tending. Instead, they use propane gas to create their flames which requires no maintenance. Propane flames can vary in intensity by controlling a valve. A good example of a propane fire pit is the Peterson Outdoor Campfire. You can use this campfire for decor and to stay warm both at home and on the go.

At 34 inches wide, this fire pit lets many people join in the fun at once. The base of the unit is crafted from white stucco which both stands out and blends in to its surroundings. In the fire bowl sits a powerful steel burner which is shaped into a circle to spread flames evenly. Using the valve, users can vary the flame height and intensity as they see fit. To power the system, users need to provide a propane fuel tank. This system is ultra portable because it can be picked up and carried anywhere, including your favorite campsite.

One great benefit of propane campfires as opposed to wood ones is that they can often be used in campfire-prohibited areas. At 70000 BTUs, this fire really roars, keeping you and others warm. Feel free to huddle nearby and even cook up some marshmallows on the flames. If you really want to get decorative, artificial logs are available as an accessory with this unit.

PetePeterson Propane Powered Campfire