Phantom of the Opera masquerade masks

Coming up with an easily recognizable costume can be frustrating and difficult. Choosing a Phantom of the Opera costume will show everyone that you have pulled out all the stops. The iconic cape and half mask make the character easily recognizable, even to people that have not seen the musical. This outfit is easy to put together as these masquerade masks are generally inexpensive.

The novel, which was originally published in 1910, received very little attention. The scarred, ugly Phantom did not interest the audiences, who preferred perfect characters and handsome heroes. It wasn’t until Andrew Lloyd Webber brought the Phantom back to life in 1986 that the tale became a cult classic.

It was originally believed that the Phantom’s face was malformed at birth, but in other versions his scars occur in a tragic accident when the theater burns to the ground. Either way, he wears a variety of different masquerade masks to avoid scaring people when he emerges from where he lives in the depths of the Paris Opera House, dressed in an evening suit or tuxedo. Be sure to make a grand entrance when wearing your outfit, the Phantom tends towards dramatic entrances and exits.

The Phantom’s look can be recognized by nearly anyone, even if they haven’t seen the theatrical or filmic adaptations. The most unique aspect of the costume is of course the mask, with its slanted angle to coincide with his injury. How the mask fits across the face is most important. The mask should only cover one eye, the cheek, and most of the forehead to present the proper aura. It is in this style that the costume is most recognizable. You can simulate the appearance of scars and burns with makeup under the mask to achieve a more accurate appearance.

The simplicity of the outfit makes it cheap and easy to find. The only staple of the costume is the mask. You can wear a cape for extra flair. The masks can be used in other costumes as well if you are invited to other mask related parties at a later date.

The most important thing is to have a properly fitting mask. Most phantom of the opera masks use string, but you can also find skin-tight versions of these masquerade masks that will also surely impress those around you.

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