Pine Interior Doors – Kiln-dried for Durability

Being a softwood, pine doors are prone to shrink or swell with varied changes in temperature and absorption of moisture. This is often one of the worries of homeowners when they have a pine door as the main entrance of their house. However, you should not be more than confident, even if you have this wood material as interior doors. Whether you plan to install doors made of pine inside or outside the house, sealing the surface of each door is very important in ensuring its durability and long lastingness.

Aside from being affordable, versatility is one feature that makes pine doors even more popular. When it comes to designs and styles, options are countless. The natural color and patterns that are visible on the door surfaces make your home more comfy and warm, especially when such wood material is used to manufacture a pine front door. It will surely catch the attention of visitors and passersby as they approach your home. Your house will be even more attractive when you have the pine wood material as interior doors. Aside from aesthetic value, the durability should be a top concern. Choose a kiln-dried pine door. During the process, there is a significant decrease in moisture content of the pine wood. Thus, it will be giving you a door that can last for so long.

Sealing the surface with polyurethane is one way of making sure that it is protected against moisture, scratches and stains. This will make the door hardwearing and resistant against these damaging factors. However, if you want to be ensured with durability from the moment you brought the door at home, go for those doors that were kiln-dried. Since moisture content is reduced, your interior doors made of pine are sure to last for several years, even with extensive use. In cases of clear pine doors, there is no guarantee of its long lastingness when installed in areas with damp conditions. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the type that is kiln-dried to reduce water content, which is commonly present in pine woods because of the ability of its large pores to soak up a great amount of water.

Water-based finishes are not to be used on interior doors made of pine, just like heart pine flooring. To ensure specific moisture content and durability in every interior door you plan to install, go for those pieces finely crafted with unique styles and are kiln-dried. Pine doors still needs to be guaranteed with toughness, even if you plan to do the set up inside the house. Simply applying a sealer will not secure you with excellent durability. It should be with low moisture and that could only be possible with those kiln-dried doors.

PetePine Interior Doors – Kiln-dried for Durability