Pink Laptops That Do Not Cost The Earth

In the past, anyone looking for a pink laptop will have been worried (quite rightly) that they’d have to pay a premium for the color they wanted. Happily, that’s no longer the case. Pink laptops are now no more expensive than their more sober counterparts, and it’s possible to find many different pink makes and models at rock-bottom prices.  Even if your chief objective in buying a pink laptop is to spend as little as possible, make sure you have a good think about exactly what you want. In many cases, smaller will be cheaper, so it’s worth considering a netbook or mini-laptop. These are generally low on features, but if all you want to do is check email and browse the web, a netbook may save you money. For instance, you can get a mini pink HP for as little as $300. Their Mini 110 Chic, for instance (available in pink), is widely regarded as having the largest keyboard of any netbook on the market.

Beware of netbooks, however, if you need a heavy-use machine which can cope with school or work, as well as dealing with photos, video and music. It’s also possible to find a full-size, fully featured pink machine for a very decent price. Asus is a well regarded brand for larger machines as well as minis – as well as offering some of the most striking pink designs in the industry. Prices are very reasonable, with most of the range fitting into the $300 – $500 price bracket. Asus is also an excellent choice for a pink laptop if you work a lot with visuals, as they have excellent graphics capabilities.

Many of the big names, such as Dell and Sony, also offer cheap pink laptops, but you have to be clever with the package you choose in order to get a cheap deal. If you want to buy from one of the premium manufacturers but don’t want to spend too much, you may have to compromise on features. That’s often not worth doing if you really need those technical attributes. The best advice, then, when looking for a cheap pink laptop is either to consider a netbook or to investigate value brands. Either way, you should be able to find a cheap pink laptop which works for you.

PetePink Laptops That Do Not Cost The Earth