Plastic Name Badge Holders – Things to Know

The growth of the identification badge in the workplace has brought about an increased usage in plastic name badge holders.  Because many employers require their workers to wear and display their id badge, there’s been a need for badge display options.  While there are a handful of display options on the market, the most popular of these are plastic badge holders.

The primary reason for this is the cost of a plastic holder compared to other types of holders.  When purchasing a holder, you’ll find that plastic options are very cheap in comparison to a leather or metal holder.  For businesses buying hundreds, or even thousands, of holders, plastic can lead to a significant cost savings.  For an individual who’s not as cost conscious and only looking to buy a single holder, leather and metal holders can be a more attractive option.

Plastic name badge holders come in two different types, a soft plastic and a hard plastic.  For each of these options, there are advantages and disadvantages.  A soft plastic holder is the cheapest option you can pick, and while it will provide adequate protection, it is prone to bending and possibly tearing.  If this is a concern to you, a hard plastic holder is a much better option.  These types of holders will not bend and are much more resistant to wear and tear.  The downside is the cost, which will be higher than the soft plastic option.

Another thing to keep in mind when searching for badge holders is the punch outs, or holes, near the top of the holder.  You’ll want to be sure to purchase a holder that has the correct layout of holes, or slots, so that you can attach the holder to a neck lanyard, belt clip, or other badge accessory.  In general, you’ll want oblong slots if you’re planning to use a lanyard or other type of clip that attaches to the holder.  A round slot is best for attachment to a key ring.

Choosing the type of plastic and layout of slot punch outs are important when considering the purchase of a plastic badge holder.  These decisions should be based on your intended use of an id badge.

PetePlastic Name Badge Holders – Things to Know