Playing Wii with Grandma or Why the Wii is the Best Game Console Ever

Remember a few years back, some of the board game manufacturers started an advertising campaign telling families to institute a family game night. The idea was to not only sell more board games, but to bring families closer together…something that is never a bad idea in these fractured times.

Fast forward to the 21st century, and few video game systems have the family appeal that Nintendo Wii has. Anyone who is old enough to hold a remote without chewing on it can play, and have fun. With a wide variety of Wii accessories, the least coordinated person in the world can find a game that he or she is good at.

Musically challenged and tone deaf people can successfully play a musical instrument and be in a band. Families all over the world are cheerfully swinging and jumping and swooping in their living rooms, wiimote in one hand and nunchuck in the other. It’s the wonderful, beautiful, mad world of Wii.

To begin with, when the average middle-aged person thinks of a video game, they think of thumb coordination. That is the ability to maneuver an object on a screen with your thumbs. It’s a skill that young people have, and people who actually earn a living don’t, maybe because it takes hours and hours of practice to the exclusion of all chores, hygiene and homework.

While the Wii system does have games that use the Wii remote like a traditional gaming console (thumb power), most of the games utilize a more intuitive and natural interface…the human body. The special Wii remotes sense motion, and transmits the data on how you are moving to the Wii console, where it reproduces the movement on the TV screen.

By holding the Wii remote (also known as a Wiimote) in your hand, the game can track how you are moving your hand. So when you want to swing a golf club for example, you hold the Wiimote like the handle of a golf club, and swing…naturally. On the TV screen, your figure swings a club, hits the ball (you never miss the ball, thank goodness!) and sends it down the fairway toward the green.

No other gaming system has such a wide variety of gaming accessories either. The Wii accessories are what make the game amazing. You can cook, shoot, paddle, pitch, fence, ski, snowboard, box, shoot pool, bowl, drive a go-kart…and tons more…with a Wii accessory or two. In fact there are whole categories of accessories for the Wii system like hundreds of Wii wheels and Wii guns.

This makes the Wii gaming system the best video game console ever. Anybody who can hold a Wiimote can play and have fun. Grandma, grandpa, crazy Aunt Martha and even Cousin Jimmy…the whole family can enjoy a multitude of games together. And with economical Wii accessories available, everyone can have his or her own remote to keep the good times rolling for a long time.

PetePlaying Wii with Grandma or Why the Wii is the Best Game Console Ever