Plumbing Help: Finding Lost Items in Drains

More often than not at one point in your life you will drop something in the sink in your bathroom. Usually this is a large item that causes no problems and can be easily picked up and cleaned off. However, there are times when the item is very small such as an earring or a wedding ring. The problem with small items is that they easily slip under the drain stopper and disappear. When something such as this occurs it is important to do the right things to keep from losing your precious items forever.

The first thing you should do when something goes down the drain is not panic. You don’t always need to immediately call a professional plumbing company. If the water is running immediately turn it off. Do not try to stick anything else down the drain to retrieve it. More than likely, you will only cause more damage or end up pushing the item on through the drain.

The reason you should not panic is because more than likely the item has been caught in the drain trap. The drain trap is a small U-shaped section of drain underneath the sink. This U-shaped section keeps a small amount of water trapped in order to keep sewer gases from coming up your sink drain. When a clog occurs in your sink it is usually because of the accumulation of debris in this trap. The good thing about that is it usually will catch any small item which goes down the drain. So, retrieving your item is simply a matter of removing this trap.

Most of these traps are easily removed by unscrewing two plastic nuts located on each side of the trap. Simply unscrew these plastic nuts and this section of pipe should be easily removed. You may want to keep a bucket underneath in case you spill the water. Once you have this section free, slowly pour it into the bucket and retrieve your item. Reattach the trap and simply wait until you drop something in there again.

These basic tips can help you locate a lost item in a bathroom drain without going to the trouble of hiring a professional plumber. Check out Plumbing Planet for even more plumbing tips.

PetePlumbing Help: Finding Lost Items in Drains