Portable Photo Room Dividers Give Privacy

You have guests coming, but no spare rooms to put them in, what do you do? One excellent solution is to use portable room divider partitions to split the rooms you do have into two or more each so you have private space for each person. There are many wonderful styles available, from solid wood panels that are hooked together with hinges, to rice paper Chinese style room dividers. There is even a way to show off the family photos without having to take them out and show each time someone new comes to visit.

A portable photo room divider will allow you to not only give privacy, but it will allow you to show a great number of photos off at one time. With the dividers being two sided, this allows you to show off the same pictures to the people on each side with ease. Depending on the size of the photos, and the sections in the screen, you could potentially get about up to 100 pictures on each side. A Unique way to do this would be to use one side for each of your children, and their families if they are now grown and have children of their own. This would give you more than enough to fill any number of screens with ease.

If you do not have that many children or perhaps none at all, then use pictures of ancestors, or favorite trips you have take over the years. Not only does this let your guests see what your family or friends are up to, it also shows your taste, style, and perhaps your hobbies off without you needing to bend their ear when they would rather be resting or changing. Ultimately it shows that you have a unique sense of style and that you respect your visitor’s personal space, and their decision to ask questions if they choose to.

PetePortable Photo Room Dividers Give Privacy