Practical And Beautiful Lavatory Faucets

The single hole lavatory faucet is made in virtually every size, shape, and color imaginable. The wide variety of these easy-to-use bathroom sink taps is a direct response to their popularity, and many of the designs look like fine art sculpture.

The single hole faucet is made so the hot and cold water pipes are both in the body of the tap, eliminating the need for additional holes for handles. Some models still have separate hot and cold controls, but they are located on either side of the body of the tap, all in one piece.

The other option for controlling water flow is the ADA approved single mixing lever. By lifting and turning the lever to the left or right, the water flow and temperature is controlled. The advantage to the single lever is in not having to grip the handle to operate it, making it ideal for people with impaired motor function.

The designs of lavatory faucets in general run from the most basic style which can often be seen in a public restroom, to the artistic KWC waterfall spout, or the traditional look of the Kohler Antique model, with old water pump styling in the handle.

As a rule, the flow of water is stopped and opened with a ceramic disc cartridge. This mechanism allows water in with only a quarter turn of the handle, or in the case of the lever, by a slight lifting motion. They are also resistant to hard water, giving them durability to last a lifetime.

A tip for people shopping for a new single hole bathroom sink faucet is to pick a style they like, with a lifetime warranty finish. Getting the look you want is important, but if the finish wears off or becomes damaged with regular use, it could end up costing you the price of yet another faucet.

PetePractical And Beautiful Lavatory Faucets