Privacy When Using Software To Locate a Phone

Cell phone tracking applications are amongst the most awesome ways to locate a phone. However, there were a bunch of ‘instigators’ that said that this is just another way to control the population and the masses and that it will abolish privacy for good. It is rather extreme, isn’t it? But there were people that fully endorsed these applications. Most of these people were parents and they said that it is a really great way to know where their kids are when they go out. Kids hated the idea, saying that this will only give their parent the ability to track them down even more than before.

It is a really easy guess to say that people with start with a lot of conspiracy theories when a new technology is released to the public. There were quite a lot of people that said that the government will take over this new cell phone tracker technology and they might just be right because the government has all the resources to do it. Well, all they need is a few really good hackers and I bet they don’t run short on them.

Some of the claims even got almost in the science fiction area of things. Some people claimed that businessmen are behind these tracking devices are able to store everything you do in a hidden data base which is then shown to businessmen. They are able to use the information provided by these applications to see where to put their billboards or things like that. I don’t know if this is true but if it is then tracking devices are really starting to get creepy.

However, I think that only individuals will be affected by these things if they are true so you should not worry at all.

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PetePrivacy When Using Software To Locate a Phone