Put Some Thought In Choosing Your Next Book Case

Books are like old friends. People never want to lose them or lose track of them. They like to know where they are and how they are doing so they can look them up whenever they feel the need. A good book case is the best place to store your book collection, but they are not simply utilitarian storage units, but special pieces of furniture that house important possessions, often collector’s pieces as well as cherished written works.

Book cases are in every size to fit any spot of a room. They can be manufactured of find hardwoods, richly finished, or be in wild colors in unique materials. If you are trying to decide what kind of book case suits you it can become bewildering with the many sizes, styles and materials available. You can start with what is the norm. Book case shapes are normally rectangular–8 ft. high by 4 ft. wide by 1 ft. deep. Higher or deeper may limit where you can locate the book case–narrower and shorter will start to limit how many treasures and books you can display on it. Too wide can put a lot of extra stress on the shelves and end up with a weakened or bowed shelf. An extremely wide bookcase needs special design to ensure its durability when the weight of the books or decor items are placed on it–try carrying a few books and you will appreciate the load a long shelf-full can create.

Most book cases are made of hardwoods such as cherry, ash or oak because of their strength and durability. If you are looking for a wider case to stand up to heavier loads looks for strong construction with quality woods, such as an oak bookcase. If you want to have your book case custom-designed, be sure to specify you want quality materials that are cut sturdy enough.

Visit furniture stores to admire the amazing variety of woods, metals and plastics used to create every possible size and shape book case. If none are exactly what you need you now know a bit more about the different styles you might like and how to specify the perfect, custom-made and expensive new home for your beloved volumes.

PetePut Some Thought In Choosing Your Next Book Case