Quality Beach Umbrella Stands Are A Must

Nothing is better than a leisurely day spent at the beach, soaking up rays and watching the waves crash along the sand. That is until your beach umbrella decides to take flight. Then your once leisurely day turns into a maniacal sprint trying to capture your umbrella before it impales an innocent sun bather.
To keep this from happening every beach goer needs to invest in a beach umbrella stand.

Economically you can pick up an inexpensive stand or fork over big bucks. The bigger the stand the better ability to handle those gusty beach breezes. For the organized beach lover a beach umbrella stand can be purchased prior to the outing either online or at a local store if in stock. This will give you the ability to try it out before you arrive at your destination. For others who are not so prepared and find yourself at the beach after running down your umbrella and in need of a stand, they can be purchased at countless local beach shops.

There are several types of beach umbrella stands. They differ in the kind of sand or ground you will be inserting them into. For packed dirt or grass the stomper beach umbrella stand can be used. This stand consists of dual spikes you stomp into the ground anchoring it into place. The umbrella then sits into the holder where you tighten it in with screws. For picnic tables or decks there is a bleacher umbrella holder. This stand is anchored with clamps to any protruding surface.

For beach sand you need to use a sand screw. There are several versions of this stand. They all have some adaptation of a large screw. At the top is a handle which is used to twist the screw into the ground as far as you can get it. After getting the screw in securely always pack sand around it, stomping it down for more reinforcement. These stands are usually tested to withstand winds of 35 mph. Read the packaging to be sure of its strength. After securing your beach umbrella stand into the sand just slide your beach umbrella into the holder, tighten the provided screws and prepare to while away the rest of the day in the secure knowledge that you will not be sprinting down the beach in umbrella retrieval.

PeteQuality Beach Umbrella Stands Are A Must