Red: Bold Color for Your Wedding Dress

Women red dresses seem to be scandalous. The color red is mostly associated with sassiness and even being “offbeat.” History has it that during the Revolutionary War, Patriot women wore red wedding dresses to support the fight for freedom. But aside from this, red is also the symbol of love, passion, romance and heat. Since weddings and marriage are supposed to be all about these, red wedding dresses should be more appropriate than white wedding dresses.

Though there may be a few problems with red wedding gowns, none of them have to do with etiquette. In fact, forget about etiquette if that’s the only hindrance to your wanting a red bridal gown for your wedding. “Some etiquette is overrated and outdated.” Today, brides have more choices in their wedding gowns. From the traditional white, bridal gowns today can come in red and even black depending on the theme or simply the bride’s personality and taste. The wedding dress is probably the most important part of the whole celebration so it has to be perfect with the perfect shoes, jewelry and other accessories.

An all-red wedding dress is “a pretty bold statement, but it’s a statement worth making.” Made of elegant fabrics such as tulle, satin, silk and taffeta, a full-out red wedding dress can range from soft red to dark red and even bright red. An all-red wedding dress can be overwhelming so keep the design simple. If your red wedding dress is made of bright red, tone it down with softer off-white colors like ivory and cream which complement well with red. White accents, especially bright or pure white, create too much contrast with red that you will have an explosion of bright colors. Sashes, beading, embroidery and sequins are perfect accessories to a red wedding dress. Modern styles use cream, black, cardinal, venetian, navy blue, yellow, teal and other contemporary colors to go with different shades of red. It’s all in the style of the dress.

Most brides however prefer a wedding dress with red accents instead of a full-red bridal gown. These are usually white or ivory wedding gowns with red accents at the hem, train and neckline of the dress. “It’s quite beautiful in its simplicity.” Bridesmaid dresses are much easier to match with the bridal gown, using the red accent in different parts of their dresses to create a beautiful contrast. You can have your red wedding dress made to order from eBay, or have it made by a specific designer who creates his own colors. This guarantees you of a one-of-a-kind red wedding dress.

If your wedding falls on winter, you may need winter red wedding dresses that are both luxurious and functional. Since snow and chilly weather is to be expected, choose thick and heavy fabrics like faux fur and velvet to keep you warm while looking incredibly opulent. You can have a glamorous winter red wedding dress in three ways: online, have your perfect white wedding gown dyed in red, or have a winter red wedding gown especially made to your specifications. The last option is the best since you can have a unique dress made only for you.

The key to wearing a red dress, be it a wedding gown or a party dress, is finding the right shade that works for you. To know what kind of red is ideal for you, check out Trinny and Susannah’s website. They are British women who have a TV show teaching women about amazing styles. Their link is Trinny and Susannah’s guide to wearing red.

PeteRed: Bold Color for Your Wedding Dress