Redesigning your Bathroom?

Are you thinking of renovating your old bathroom? If you are then have you ever thought about either a walk in shower design or a walk in shower enclosure. These innovative designs could do wonders for your bathroom. It doesn’t matter whether you had a shower there before or it is the first time you are going to be installing one. It can be easily done, depending on the size and shape of your bathroom.

Installing a shower in your bathroom will enhance the beauty of your home, and it will save on the amount of water you use when you have a shower. Showers are known to waste less water then the traditional bath.

When you have decided about the type of shower you want to install, then keep in mind the following:

1.There are several types of styles, themes and tiles to choose from. So keep a budget in mind.
2.Make sure you choose a shower which looks elegant, has properly grouted tiles, and nice looking glass enclosure. There is once again a huge variety available.
3.Choose a theme that you find appealing. It could be tropical,spa,aquarium etc,etc
4.Make sure all the colors and chrome fitting complement the rest of the decor.
5. You can experiment with many different shower heads ranging from massage, power shower,vibrating etc, etc

You could go for a doorless shower design if you have big bathroom. A typical walk in shower will add a remarkable amount of elegance to your new shower room. If you really want to impress your neighbors, friends and family you could even fit in a sauna.

Most walk in showers come either in granite or ceramic and the choice of material is entirely up to you. If your bathroom has been neglected and you haven’t bothered to update it over many years, then it is better to get a professional to come to the house for an estimate to do all the building work. It could be someone from the shower installation company, or a qualified plumber who knows all about fitting in the shower. If you are going to have a shower put in , then you might as well re do the rest of the bathroom as well and even think about adding bathroom wall cabinets for storage and other items such as heated towel rails or bathroom vanity units..

PeteRedesigning your Bathroom?