Replacement for Pacquin Hand Cream

If you have always used Pacquins lotions for your hands, you might be trying to find an appropriate Pacquins hand cream replacement product. The company stopped distributing their product and left a lot of their loyal customers without a substitute cream. There are actually other products on the market that can work as well as the Pacquins cream did. A German made product called Kamille is reputed to have wonderful soothing effects for dry chapped skin. It contains both glycerin and silicon in addition to chamomile. The effects of the glycerin in the product is what makes it so similar to the Pacquins hand cream

Another product people are using as a Pacquins hand cream replacement is the Aveeno cream. People seem to like the fact that the lotion does not easily wear off through several hand washings. It provides long lasting relief for dry and chapped skin. The products in the Pacquin line were also liked because of their non-stick formula, which it appears to be something that is more difficult to replace. There does not seem to be any explanation as to why the product line was discontinued after more than 50 years on the market. The loss of the product seems to have impacted the Johnson and Johnson customers greater than they had anticipated.

If you are one of the many that are looking for a Pacquins hand cream replacement product you might try looking on some auction sites. Several people have claimed they have been able to purchase Pacquin products on such sites. If they are available, chances are they will not last long. The creams and lotions seem to be a hot commodity among those who can find them. With a little searching you might even be able to find a retailer that had a box or two left in a warehouse and still has some product left to sell.

PeteReplacement for Pacquin Hand Cream