Restaurant Menu Binding: Often Overlooked

Many people often overlook the fact that restaurant menu binding is one of the most important parts of the menu in a restaurant. In addition to both the fancy paper the menu itself is printed on and the outer, often leather, cover that the whole thing is wrapped in, if the job is finished off with a simple plastic binding to hold the front and back cover together, you get the impression of mediocrity. When creating your own restaurant menus, it’s very important to consider what kind of binding you want to use on the covers to both ensure quality and rigidity, and also what type of binding has the best aesthetic to the customers.

Two very common options are both the ring binder approach, and the bound pages approach. Usually in the ring binder approach, a nice piece of leather is used to cover the menu front and back. Within the leather casing is something very similar to a three ring binder in which three rings are used to hold the hole punched paper in place. The only problem with this is approach is that the pages can often be ripped out very easily and unless you’re willing to spend a lot of money on replacing menus, it may be a good idea to go for something better.

The other option is to have the pages bound like a book. This way, when the pages are glued tightly together like they would be in a sturdy magazine or large table book, the menu has very little chance of falling apart. These menus are also often perceived as a much more welcome addition to the evening than just a plain paper menu. While it may cost more on the front end to have nice menu binding at every table, the payoff in the end will be well worth it for not only you, but also the customer.

PeteRestaurant Menu Binding: Often Overlooked