Restocking Essential Tattoo Supplies

Choosing to be a tattoo artist can be an enjoyable career, but you do need to replenish your tattoo supplies from time to time. The most important supply you will ever use will be the needle. These must be sterile so they will be the item you will stock the most of. The special needles used for the art of tattooing come in a wide range of sizes to accommodate the style and image you are creating. Often these needles are available in packages of 50 or more. The price per package varies according to the specific design of the needle.

Another item that is kept well stocked is the ink. There are a few different brands of tattoo ink available to purchase such as Intenze or Kuro-Sumi. You will even find some specialty inks such as the new black light style available from Skin Candy. You might also need to purchase tips and tubes at some point. There are of course the many different images you want to have on hand and the paper to use with them. If you are starting out and only have a basic machine for designing with you might want to purchase a professional quality machine.

There are some other items an artist that works with tattoos might need to restock sometimes such as gloves and ink cap holders. Wearing gloves so you don’t get any contaminates on your hands, is an important thing to do. These generally are the same type of gloves used for surgical purposes and will also come in boxes of 100. They are created to be disposable and are available in a range of sizes to fit hands that are small or extra large. Having the right tools and having good tattoo supplies is an essential part of creating a successful business.

PeteRestocking Essential Tattoo Supplies