Revolution Prana Natural Sticky Mat

The question that always comes up if you are a yoga teacher is – what yoga mat should I buy? It is a good question too with all the options out there on the market it takes a little decision making ability to pare it all down to the good and the bad.  The answer is that it depends for everyone.  But one thing is for certain and that is that there are a handful of mats on the market that are great and will cater to almost any need.

One of the mats that I often suggest is the Revolution Prana Natural Sticky mat by John Friend, founder of Anasara yoga.  Anasara yoga is a well-developed curriculum of yoga that has been developed over the past couple decades.  It is a strong practice that can talk all yogis to the next level of practice in their yoga careers.  So it is logical that John would want the best mat possible to support his students and others through this process.  That is how the Revolution Prana Natural Sticky Mat was developed.

It is an all-natural rubber mat, which is hugely important for various reasons.  One is that it provides all the necessary components that you need in a yoga mat.  It gives the much-needed traction required to go into your poses deeply with confidence.  It offers the stability you want to make sure you don’t come off balance in balancing postures and it also protects you from the hard floor surface as all mats are designed to do.  It is hands down catering to all your yoga needs. It is also meeting some other less obvious needs to.  This mat is considered an eco yoga mat.  It is not hard on the environment since it is made from natural materials.  And most importantly it is not hard on your body as there is no toxins in the mat that will cause you harm in anyway.

The mat will run you about … on your pocket book and is well worth every penny if you are committed to your yoga practice and advancing in it.

PeteRevolution Prana Natural Sticky Mat