Revolutionary Backless Strapless Bra

Undergarments are called as such because they need to be worn under your clothes and not otherwise. But when summer comes and it’s time to don those cool tank tops, sleeveless shirts and other fresh outfits perfect for the hot season, we have to think of a way to be able to look summer ready without those unsightly straps and other cumbersome parts of a regular brassiere.

Fortunately today though, bra manufacturers have developed revolutionary designs of this essential woman’s undergarment sans the straps, boning, bands and underwires that women often find uncomfortable and even annoying. Today, women have the option between the “invisible strap” bra, no-strap bra and backless bra. Some styles even incorporate the backless strapless bra into one pretty, convenient package, appearing invisible under those sexy clothes while providing the support and comfort of a standard bra.

The backless strapless bra may seem like a strange concept at first thinking how or where it will get support when it doesn’t have any straps or any bands at all to hold the breasts in place. But the backless strapless bra is designed as a “free-standing” undergarment with the same functions as a traditional bra minus the cumbersome parts. It has an adhesive paste or gel that you apply under and on the sides of your breasts to create the support that you need. The result is a perfect, tight-fitting bra that lets you wear even the most revealing clothes that your heart desires. It’s not designed for everyday wear though but having one in your wardrobe for such occasions is a great help and convenience.

NuBra is a popular brand of this revolutionary backless strapless bra that is the new rage among women today. The self-adhesive NuBra gives your breasts a natural-looking instant lift while appearing invisible under your clothes. The NuBra Feather-Lite Bra is the newest line made of 70% lighter material than the original silicone NuBra. Unlike a common bra, it doesn’t restrict your movement in any way, giving you freedom of movement and confidence parading in your sexiest clothes.

Unlike adhesive bras that have no straps or other structural parts, the Clear-Strap Bra looks like a standard bra but with straps made of transparent plastic to “minimize the visual impact of straps.” They are not designed to be invisible like the backless strapless bra but appear see-through and therefore still discreet compared to a regular bra. For women who want the maximum support of a traditional bra without the unsightly straps, this is a good alternative. You can wear your sleeveless shirts and tank tops in the summer without having to worry about straps peeking out because even if they do, they will appear almost invisible or at least unnoticeable with their clear, transparent plastic material.

The backless strapless bra is no doubt one of the most ingenuous inventions ever made for women who want that smooth, flawless look with their stylishly daring clothes. The sticky gel may seem uncomfortable at first but you’ll get the hang of it in no time especially considering the convenience you’ll benefit from it. The clear-strap bra is perfect in the summer for your cool sleeveless shirts, tank tops and other summer perfect outfits. Both have their pros and cons but having one in your closet for “fashion emergencies” will surely make your life easier – and much more glamorous!

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