Riverside Security – Surveillance & Monitored Security Systems

Home security is an investment that homeowners should not neglect. Selecting an alarm can be difficult because there are so many choices. Two home security technologies that many people use today are monitoring and surveillance. Both offer unique security benefits that regular alarm systems do not. Riverside security authorities highly suggest either, and point out that surveillance cameras can be setup with monitoring.

Benefits Of Monitored Security
Monitored security is popular because it can alert emergency authorities if:

  • Someone breaks into your home
  • You need immediate medical help
  • Your fire or co2 alarm goes off*

Riverside security officials state that you can connect your fire and smoke alarm systems up to work with your monitored system. There are also push button functions that will alert emergency or medical authorities to go to your home. Being connected to emergency authorities on a 24-hour basis is something that many homeowners find great value in. Monitored systems are also incredibly cost-effective. Typically, Riverside security aficionados state that monitored security cost about a dollar a day, which is an incredible value considering the added security perks that come along with the systems.

Benefits Of Surveillance Security
Surveillance security systems are a hot commodity right now. There have been great advances in surveillance technology. Riverside security experts state that today there are a number of HD, megapixel, and other types of surveillance cameras for homeowners to choose from. One of the biggest perks of surveillance cameras is that if someone tries to break into your home you will have video evidence of the crime. No other security technology offers this benefit. And there have been a number of cases in which surveillance footage has helped authorities find criminals who have burglarized both residential and commercial properties.

When it comes to choosing the best home alarm system Riverside specialists recommend either type of system. Each offers many additional security benefits that you cannot get with a traditional home security system.

PeteRiverside Security – Surveillance & Monitored Security Systems