Rosacea Eye Eczema Causes

A very common form of eyelid eczema is called Rosacea. Rosacea, in most cases, appears as a red discoloring around the eyelid area. When it is more advanced, it can turn into tiny red bumps with some swelling and spread further into your facial skin.

As with most forms of eczema eyelid, rosacea is very bothersome. Many people feel uncomfortable with the red rash-like appearance on their face. They may feel that everyone is looking at them and this causes anxiety. It also itches severely, but if you rub or scratch it you may end up increasing your eczema or causing scarring.

Your first step to treating your rosacea is to learn what causes eczema on your eyelids. The reason this is a first step is because once you know what your eczema trigger is, you will be able to avoid it. If you avoid your eczema trigger, you will stop any future occurrences.

The main suspect for rosacea eyelid eczema is rubbing. Have you recently been in a smoky room? Are your eyes very dry or do they tear up frequently? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be surprised how much you are rubbing your eyes. The friction of rubbing delicate eyelid skin, combined with dirt and moisture from your hands, is a perfect equation for eczema.

After rubbing, it is very possible that something you have touched is causing your eczema. The spices from food can agitate your eyelid skin. The fumes from certain cleaning and beauty products can cause eyelid eczema.

Unfortunately, it may take a good bit of patience to identify and eliminate your eczema trigger. You will have to use a trial and error technique of avoiding a suspect for several weeks. If your eczema improves, that is probably your cause. If it does not, you should move on to a new suspect.

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