Safety Accessories for a Square Trampoline

When using any type of trampoline, the first consideration should be safety. Serious injuries can occur with or without the proper equipment, but why not be safe and reduce your chances of injury by using the right accessories? The most common injuries occur from impact with the trampoline structure or falling off and landing awkwardly. Therefore the best trampoline accessories are the pad and safety net.

The cushioned pad not only covers the springs but also the metal bar that goes around the outside. It prevents the jumper from falling between the springs, pinching themselves, or landing too hard on the support bar. It’s not only good for preventing injuries in children, but adults will benefit from the use of a pad as well.

The safety net is another important safety feature. It stops the user from falling off the trampoline, whether by an erroneous jump or foul play by a second jumper. Landing in the safety net can be quite awkward and cause you to fall onto the mat in an unusual way, but is still much better than taking a hard fall to the ground from several feet in the air. Generally there are weight limits that limit how big of a person the net will actually support, so take this into consideration if necessary.

Other common add-ons for your trampoline include a climbing ladder, a landing pad for shoes, stakes to keep the trampoline in place, and even an upgradeable jumping mat.

There are dozens of other accessories that you can get for your trampoline, regardless of size or shape. It might be slightly harder to track down specific parts for a rectangular or square trampoline, but they can be found at various retailers online. The good news is that most accessories don’t depend on size or shape. For example, a ladder to help you get on and off will work for almost any trampoline because they have adjustable heights and attachment mechanisms.

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