Safety of Laser Liposuction

Laser liposuction is one of the most popular ways of doing liposuction. Tumescent method is often the procedure use in laser liposuction. Medical experts around the world all agree that it is by far the safest method available in the market today so much so that happy patients are saying that they have a good liposuction recovery thanks to laser liposuction. Through the use of conventional liposuction its special method helps to constrict the blood vessels. One of the liposuction risk has to do with blood loss making blood transfusions pertaining to conventional liposuction method.

Laser liposuction has been proven to be so safe that it has fewer liposuction side effects than conventional liposuction. Using laser liposuction surgery, the surgeon injects a tumescent fluid into the area to be treated. The solution is a combination of local anaesthesia and diluted epinephrine. The epinephrine constricts the tiny blood vessels in the treatment area. This aids the capillary to slow down the epinephrine absorption reducing its stimulant effect and makes the surgery bloodless. Small incisions used in laser liposuction allows the wounds to heal faster than the larger incisions made by other forms of liposuction.

Laser liposuction patients have a lower incidence of infection. The wounds when they heal look so natural after the healing period that it does not damage the skin aesthetics. Another advantage of liposuction is that since local anaesthesia is used there is lower risk and complications. The patient can even communicate with the doctor while the procedure is taking place. The patient can even walk out of the doctor’s office after two to three hours. Although this method has lower complication rates there is less risks of bleeding, swelling, bruising than conventional method of liposuction so more and more people are enjoying the benefits of the procedure.

PeteSafety of Laser Liposuction