Save Money with Reusable Furnace Filters

Today people are very conscience about how they spend their money and also about cutting back expenses. Reusable furnace filters can go a long way in helping you achieve your money saving goals. You will ultimately spend much more money on the disposable type of furnace filters even though they seem cheaper in the short term.

To enable the proper airflow through your furnace, a clean filter must be used. You can expect to change a disposable filter at least once per month. This can certainly add up to a lot of money throughout the year, especially if you also have an air conditioning system in addition with filters that need to be changed. Reusable furnace filters may have a higher up front cost, but you will not be throwing them out on a monthly basis. You simply clean them when needed, and put them right back in your furnace for continued use.

A reusable furnace air filter comes in a variety of styles. Many furnace systems can use a reusable furnace filter, but always check with the manufacturer to make sure it will fit your furnace. Depending on the brand, a metal or fiberglass frame will be used. With many people concerned about the quality of the air in their home, the higher efficient pleats are available for reusable furnace air filters. Air filters are rated based on their efficiency of capturing small particles of dust. The higher the rating, the smaller amount of particles it will be able to trap. This rating is known as the MERV rating. A filter having many, tight pleats will have a great MERV rating.

The other great benefit of the reusable furnace filter is that it will reduce the impact on our landfills. With less filters being thrown away, the less amount of debris we are creating. There are also recycled filters that are considered green.

PeteSave Money with Reusable Furnace Filters