Save the Planet By Gardening

It’s probably not a the choice people think of when it comes to saving the planet, but there are numerous reasons why organic gardening can make a major impact. Decreasing pollution, protecting the oceans to saving entire eco-systems, the implementation of small gardens is a great way to make a difference.

The first reason is pollution — most people don’t realize that our food travels a great distance to reach our plate. Many items rack up to 1500 miles by the time it reaches a dinner table. Hence it’s evident that whatever fruits and veggies you grow on your own will automatically reduce the pollution produced by the trains, trucks, and ships that transport food to your local supermarket.

Next up, safeguarding our oceans can be a positive result of local gardening. It’s a fairly direct cause and effect — the majority of our country’s food supply is grown on factory farms in the heartland on large corporate farms that generate major chemical runoffs into the rivers which feed our oceans. The Gulf of Mexico has an enormous dead zone from chemical pesticide runoff, so it should be obvious that the fastest way to limit those consequence is to grow as much food as possible by yourself.

Lastly, if one factor in the effect on diverse eco-systems that factory farming causes (from genetically altered crop incursions, to groundwater poisoning and soil depletion) it becomes evident that consuming food you grew yourself can have a positive influence on health of those eco-systems.

Fortunately there are many cheap, effective products to assist people to start a garden. For example there are quite a few compost bins for sale such as the popular Can O Worms which helps create nutrient-rich fertilizer needed to grow a healthy garden.

Whatever specific items you choose, it’s evident that home gardening can make a major difference with our environment… limiting pollution, saving our oceans and protecting the planet’s ecosystems. There’s really nothing holding you back — so why not start an organic garden today!

PeteSave the Planet By Gardening