Scabies and Children

Scabies is a mite that is more common than most people think.  This microscopic mite travels between person to person, especially when people are in close quarters.  It is especially prone to be spread among children at school and in day care centers.  But how do you deal with scabies in children?

First of all, if your child has intense itching that gets worse at night and a rash, you may want to take him to the doctor.  Look at these pictures of scabies rash and these pictures of scabies bites.  They will help you see what a scabies rash looks like.  Once there, the doctor will gently do a skin scraping that he will look at under the microscope.  There, he will be looking for the presence of the mite, its fecal matter, or its eggs.  If these are present, then your child has scabies.

It’s important to start scabies treatment for the whole family after getting a diagnosis for one member.  It takes about four weeks to develop any symptoms of scabies, so you need to treat it in everyone to prevent reinfecting each other.  Treatment is generally one of several prescription creams.  These creams must be applied all over the body, from the scalp to the soles of the feet.  Generally, this lasts for seven to ten days, although you will want to follow the directions your doctor gives you, as the strength of the cream may be adjusted to your individual situation.

Also, you must take steps to eliminate the mite in your house.  It can migrate from an infected person to beds, couches, clothing, towels, and everywhere that skin is shed.  Use sulfur powder or steam to clean things that cannot be wash, and wash and dry everything else on high heat.  This helps eliminate the chances of getting reinfected.

PeteScabies and Children