Selecting the Best Baby Gate

When an infant begins to crawl and walk, a baby gate will be helpful in protecting him or her from stairs, small spaces or rooms with adult toys that could be harmful or easily broken. There are many different types of devices and various ways of installing them. They are also made of different materials. The type of device you choose depends upon where and how it will be used. Some are also designed to keep pets safe, so they may be designed with special doors or devices.

Steel frame devices are tubular in design and come in models that can be mounted with screws or those that rely on pressure to keep them in place. The advantage of those that are mounted with screws is that they may be more difficult to knock down. However, they may leave permanent holes in woodwork or walls. This type of installation is recommended mostly for stairways, though it can be used anywhere. This type of system is great for traveling, when staying in hotels or relative’s homes.

There are models in which the hinges can be mounted at an angle to fit stair rails or other areas situated on an angle. Steel and wood options are available for such a device and installation. This type features a single door opening on one side that is operated with one hand by an adult, by pushing a lever.

Products for special circumstances are also available. Some are extra long and installed with hardware on the wall. Others are designed with several movable panels that can be turned or angled in any direction, so the device will fit odd situations where walls are not located directly across from each other. Such models also come with mounting hardware and include a middle walk through door that swings open with a single hand release. For the most useful baby gate, consider where it is most needed and make your selection based on this.

PeteSelecting the Best Baby Gate