Shifting to the new technology: Vapor Steam Cleaner

The vapor steam cleaner is the newest and also the best way to get your house cleaned. For many years we have used a combination of methods to clean up our homes. This includes vacuuming; scrubbing out stains with our own hands and using harsh chemicals that can not only damage the environment it can also introduce chemical residues to our living spaces. This was a concern but the need to clean up was greater and so we just go on cleaning our house that way, hoping at the end of the day, we did our best. But this is not the case. Thanks to steam cleaning technology, these concerns are answered altogether.

The steam cleaner looks like the age old vacuum cleaner. But instead of housing a suction mechanism, it has a boiler inside its casing. This boiler produces steam that is heated to 240 degrees Fahrenheit. This steam is then channeled out to the nozzle and released to the surface that will be cleaned up. The path of the steam cleaner can easily be seen to be cleared of dirt and dust.

The real secret and breakthrough of this new cleaning technology is its ability to go deeper than what your eyes can see in the surface. It has the ability to go to the very bottom of the most porous surface there is, like for example a carpet. It can clean, sanitize and with the new Nanotechnology at work, even sterilize the area. Sterilization was achieved before only through harsh chemicals. The same is not true for the steam cleaner. The “dry” vapor it produces is enough to kill he germs, viruses, bacteria, molds, spores and other biological contaminants. Because the steam produced only contains a very small percentage of moisture, there is no excess water left behind in the surface.

PeteShifting to the new technology: Vapor Steam Cleaner