Save Space With a Shoe Bench

A shoe bench is an awesome way to save space and clean up the clutter of an entryway.  Shoes tend to become a nuisance when there are more then a few people living in a home but a shoe bench can clean that right up.

Basically, a shoe bench is bench like storage area for shoes.  There are two distinct designs for a shoe bench.  One is the style that has a handle and opens a hideaway section to expose a place for shoes.  Another is the style that has a place for shoes wide open and exposed.  Many prefer the hideaway style as this tends to look less messy.  Still others would prefer the open style as it is much more convenient to reach your shoes this way and also you can be sitting down on the bench and still reach your shoes.  Many of the eclosed styles of shoe storage benches cannot be reached when one is sitting on the bench.

A great material to use for your shoe bench is cedar.  Not only does cedar wood have a great look but cedar also has a great aroma.  Shoes are not known for their awesome aroma so having a cedar shoe bench can have the added effect of killing a bad shoe odor.

Another great use for a sh0e bench is to not use it for shoes at all!  Some prefer to use their shoe benches for storage of toys, gloves, scarves or combinations of these different items.  A shoe bench can bring order to an otherwise unorderly situation and can show your guests that you have everything under control.

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