Shooting Your Wedding Video: Friends or Professionals?

In the midst of planning your wedding, you may forget to tend to the matter of the wedding video.  However, in years to come, you will want to look back on your special day, so be sure to think long and hard about whether to have friends or professionals shoot this special memento.


A professional wedding video package can run anywhere between $400 for a basic package to $3,500 or more for a high end package that may include sound and visual effects, professional DVD menus, and interviews.  A friend may be willing to turn the tripod for free, and maybe you know someone with a knack for video editing who will make that their wedding gift to you.  For a small budget wedding, having a willing friend is invaluable, but if your budget has room, you may consider the professional package simply for all the extras and quality it offers.


Professional videographers have their own high quality equipment.  Unless you are lucky enough to have a friend in the media business (or be in it yourself), it’s not likely that anyone will have professional level equipment on hand.  Many hand held cameras can produce adequate footage if you’re just worried about capturing the spirit of the thing; on the other hand, a professional video will automatically be cleaner and of higher caliber.


When debating friends or professionals for your wedding video, gauge your mood.  Are you uptight?  Will the video need to be perfect?  If so, you may want to find a professional, with whom you have no relationship to jeopardize.  Losing a friend over a wedding video is a sad thing.


Try to find a friend (or a friend of a friend) who has a solid knowledge of videography and is willing to shoot your wedding video for free or at a discounted price.

PeteShooting Your Wedding Video: Friends or Professionals?