Shopping Tips For Buying Shag Rugs

Shag rugs were first popularized in the 1960s and the 1970s but they are making a comeback as homeowners are trying to recreate the styles of the past in their own homes. These carpets are very distinct from the other varieties because of their long fibers which give them that characteristic fluffy and warm look. Although the simple act of placing these rugs in specific points in the house is an easy yet great way to spice up any room, a shag carpet can be difficult to maintain. For this reason, buyers should be very knowledgeable about this type of rug before making any purchase.

Shag rugs work well in a room with vintage furnishings. For this reason, this type of rug may look completely out of place in a room that is designed to be modern and sleek. Homeowners should assess if the rug meshes with the current style of their home before paying for anything. At the same time, there are some varieties of this rug which cannot be vacuumed. For instance, the wool flokati carpet should never be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner. Ask the sales attendant about the cleaning features of the carpet that you wish to purchase. For rugs that are difficult to clean, situate them in places with low traffic to keep them from being overly soiled.

For shag rugs that come in different color, buyers should look for ones that are made with nylon. Nylon rugs come in a whole slew of colors. A purple shag rug which is made with nylon can also be easily cleaned just by using a vacuum cleaner. Nylon carpets are also more durable as compared to carpets made with other kinds of fiber. Shag carpets are perfect for beautifying any space and adding a touch of elegance to any home.

PeteShopping Tips For Buying Shag Rugs