Short Cheap Cruises

Summer is half way over and many of you still haven’t taken a summer vacation. If its the economy that has you second guessing the family trip this year then take a look at some of the shorter 4 and 5 day cruises offered by Carnival. During the summer you can find one for under $300 a person. That means a family of four could take a vacation that includes room, food and entertainment for less than $1,200.

Four night Cruises from Jacksonville, Fl in August start at $244 a person for an inside cabin and five night Charleston cruises can be had for $50 more a person. Both cruises visit Freeport and Nassau, Bahamas where you can tour the sites, gamble at the casinos or just relax on the beaches.

Of the two islands Nassau offers the most fun for the whole family. Start your morning out by taking a tour of the island. Don’t bother with the ship tours. Save some more money by booking with one of the taxis just outside the port gate. Prices are usually around $25 a person. Also remember you can haggle for most everything in the Bahamas so it never hurts to ask for a lower rate. After your tour head back to the ship for your free lunch and some pool time then head over to Atlantis to visit the ultimate Caribbean resort. Water taxis head to Atlantis all day for only a few bucks and its a fun ride for the kids.

There isn’t quite as much to do within a short distance of the pier in Freeport as your ship will dock in the industrial section of town so you may want to make this your beach day of the trip. Most cruisers grab a taxi and head down to the Lucayan shopping and beach area for the day. There is also a nice casino there if you didn’t get your fix at Atlantis and if the ship hasn’t taken all your money yet.

Taking into account tours, taxis, gas for the trip to port and a few souvenirs you can realistically take this years summer vacation for around $1,500 and that’s assuming a family of four. Times may be tough but at those prices you deserve to treat yourself and your family to some relaxation.

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