Should I Purchase Custom Motorcycle Number Plates?

There are good reasons for buying custom bike plates and a few reasons why one might consider staying with the state issued item.

Some of the good reasons seem to substantiate spending the money to have a custom plate are for example, if one owns a motorcycle related business such as sales or rentals. In this case a custom plate with a website address etched in the plate frame is free advertising and seen by eveyone who happens to be behind the motorcycle.

Another reason for buying such a plate would be to solidify one’s affilliation with a riding club or an organization that benefits a group of people. Of course it makes a difference if you’re riding with the right kind of people and we’ll assume that’s the case if you put your affiliation out there for everyone to see.

If the bike is ridden by someone who’s dedicated to a cause such as a charity or volunteer group then a custom plate would serve to bring more attention to that effort. And finally, but not the least important reason for buying a custom plate for the “ride” is to put yourself in peoples’ faces with a clever word or cryptic message. There’s always someone who comes up with something fresh and has fellow motorists playing the guessing game trying to figure it out. People enjoy having their intelligence tested and if you’re clever enough to do that and send the message that represents you then definitely buy a custom plate.

What would be some of the reasons not to spend the money on a custom motorcycle number plate? Well, for starters, the rider might not want to stand apart in that area. Another reason could be some people place the importance of spending money in other areas and if you’re one of these, buying a custom plate might not attract you. A custom plate is a specialty item and if it attracts you then you should definitely think about treating yourself to the experience of such an item for our motorcycle.

PeteShould I Purchase Custom Motorcycle Number Plates?