Silly Bandz Has Flooded The Market

The hottest new trend amongst kids all across the United States of America are the Silly bandz. These shaped rubber bands are all there is to talk about amongst kids and their popularity is showing no signs of stopping. With new shapes and colors seemingly coming out every week the demand for these bands is here to stay for a while. Stores that were previously selling just around a few hundred off these bands now don’t seem to have enough to sell.

The most amazing fact about the success of these bands is that they have grown in popularity with no real advertising or marketing expenditure. They have relied upon word of mouth to market these Silly bandz and its no secret that it has done wonders for the popularity of these bands. Apart from this carefully planned promotion on the internet, especially on social networking site Facebook , which has over 166,000 fans on the Silly Bandz fan page and the owners have made millions without spending anything worthwhile on marketing.

As a result, now not only have these bands captured the imagination of kids everywhere but also older people have joined the Silly bandz band wagon, and a new market for these bands has been discovered. Furthermore lots of celebrities and Athletes have started wearing these bands which would only serve to reignite the initial huge demands of these bands. Also there is a huge opportunities for different brands to start endorsing these bands which will not only help them in achieving their goals but also allow for a completely new and never before way to promote any product or service. New licenses for Silly bandz that can be seen in the future include the Simpsons and Dora the explorer, which would only increase the popularity of these bands.

PeteSilly Bandz Has Flooded The Market