Sing A Ma Jig: The Best Toy for 2011

There are thousands of toys out in the market today. And several interactive toys have been produced. You might find a number of toys that can talk and sing. However, not all of these interactive toys guarantee area actually fun. That’s why we recommend that you buy only the best interactive toy. And that would be the one and only, Sing A Ma Jig toys.

The Sing A Ma Jig can practically do anything. It is indeed one talented toy. You can choose from three different modes. The Chatter mode allows the Sing A Ma Jig to produce cooing sounds. It’s really cute, just like an adorable baby. To know that you’re already on Chatter mode, you will be guided by a voice prompt that says “Aaah”. The fun is just starting with Chatter mode.

You can heighten the kids’ excitement by choosing the Sing A Song mode. Sing A Ma Jig toys can play different songs, depending on what kind of Sing A Ma Jig you have. But rest assured, all the Sing A Ma Jig toys can play wonderful songs. Everyone will definitely enjoy playing with the Sing A Ma Jig toys.

When you have all 6 Sing A Ma Jig toys (Sing A Ma Jig Mint Green, Hot Pink, Pink, Purple, Dark Purple, and Red), better select the Harmonize mode. This mode gives the Sing A Ma Jig toys a chance to sing and play together. Together, they can produce superb music. You just can’t help but sing along.

It’s very easy to select a mode. To do this, just squeeze or press the Sing A Ma Jig’s left arm. Moreover, the Sing A Ma Jig has no power switch. They can start singing songs just by pressing their bellies. And when you don’t want them to sing anymore, the Sing A Ma Jig automatically stops when idle for more than 12 seconds.

PeteSing A Ma Jig: The Best Toy for 2011