Small Dog Clothes Will Keep Your Puppy Warm

Small dog clothes can provide important protection for smaller breeds such as Yorkies, Chihuahuas, and any of the teacup breeds. These little dogs are much more affected by cold weather than the larger breeds and therefore do not enjoy going out for a walk on a winter day nearly as much. Some of the commonly available dog clothes are hats, raincoats, coats, and boots. These items offer protection from the cold and rain and make your dog feel much more comfortable.

Reviewing some of the dog clothing websites will allow you to see the great variety of small dog clothes available. Hats and coats made of plastic are available for rainy weather. Small plastic boots are also available. Zippers or Velcro are provided to allow the boots to be fastened on. Coats can be purchased with warm linings to protect him from the cold. Boots will keep his paws safe from ice and salt. Sandals can be a nice addition to his wardrobe during summer walks on hot pavements.

Even sunglasses are available for the owner who wants to have the most stylish puppy on the block. Any dog regardless of size that is shorthaired or older could potentially benefit from protective clothing. Some of the larger shorthaired breeds like Boxers and Bulldogs would appreciate a nice warm coat or sweater in the winter.

Even if your large dog would not benefit from a warm coat a reflective vest might be a good idea.  A reflective vest can make walking at night safer for both of you. This is most true for darker colored dogs that are difficult to see.

A popular item in small dog clothes is a hat. Dog hats are available for all sorts of occasions. Your favorite sports team is sure to have hats and caps with its logo on them.  If a sports cap is not your style there are designer items to really dress your dog up.

You might also enjoy flea treatment for dogs.

PeteSmall Dog Clothes Will Keep Your Puppy Warm