Snow Goose Decoys

When planning your snow goose hunting trip you will want to consider the different types of snow goose decoys to bring with you. Snow goose decoys can be a still standing goose figure or a wind sock decoy that will blow in the wind. Snow goose decoys can be purchased both online or offline at your local hunting and fishing store.

When decided which type of decoy to go with it would be smart to consider the cost and the proven effectiveness of the type of decoy. Some hunters will swear by the wind sock decoy while others will only use the still standing decoys. The wind sock decoys are effective as long as there is steady stream of wind. The still standing decoys will work just as well as the wind sock variation. Some hunters even complain that the wind sock decoy scares the birds away because of excessive movement. While other hunters say the movement will attract more birds.

When hunting for snow geese you will need many decoys. Some hunters will use hundreds of decoys laid out across an open field. The snow geese will notice the large grouping of decoys and come in to enjoy whatever the decoys appear to be eating. Goose decoys are a highly effective way to attract snow geese and many hunters will insist it’s the only way to capture snow geese. The decoys are pretty affordable and can be purchased in large groups per package. Purchasing your decoys will not hurt your wallet and you can find great deals online.

Remember to purchase a large amount of these decoys because more is always better when hunting for snow geese. Some hunters have reported large catches after setting up a few hundred decoys. The decoys are easy to transport and some even fold up compactly. Snow geese are a wonderful bird to hunt and are not the hardest in the world to catch. Enjoy your snow geese hunting and plan ahead to purchase a large amount of snow geese decoys. These decoys can even be purchased used on some auction sites online. Enjoy your hunt and always go prepared.

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