Solar Powered Patio Light Fixtures

Out on the patio, light fixtures can be a big help in seeing where you are going. Backyards can get quite dark at night even with the porch light on. Usually, a set of store bought patio lights is necessary to achieve complete coverage. If the thought of a patio lighting project stirs thoughts of difficult installation and high costs, you shouldn’t worry. These days, solar patio lights are at the forefront of lighting technology. Solar lights can be set into place right out of the box, with installation practically nonexistent.  Solar technology has been adapted into many kinds of light fixtures.

Wall mounted entry lights are one example of this. Requiring only a few screws for wall installation, entry lights improve safety around the patio door. The door tracks of patio doors are common placed for tripping. Entry lights help users see this track so they do not fall. This becomes very helpful when carrying trays of food during a party. Motion detecting systems are available which turn on automatically when motion is sensed. You don’t even have to flick a switch to turn these units on. Entry lights are usually featured in flood light form, sometimes with more than one light. Flood lights light up a wide area and are quite bright. Solar patio lighting fixtures like these should always be mounted in a location where the sun shines brightly.

If your existing entry light is already powerful enough, you may want to opt for a more decorative light source such as solar string lights. String lights can be draped over the edge over the door and hung over the sides. String lights create a splash of color which is quite decorative. String lights come in many themes which can be selected based on the user’s taste. This allows for a true expression of patio creativity and customization.

PeteSolar Powered Patio Light Fixtures