Some Basic Tips for Improving your Reception Desks

Think about your reception desk area for a moment. Are there any particular areas you feel could use some improvement? In this article we will talk about some aspects of the reception area that could easily be modified to make your clientele happier and more at piece with your company.

The following tips will help to make your waiting area where your reception desks are a more pleasant experience for everyone involved.

1 – Freshly Cut Flowers

If you have a centralized location in your waiting area to place a bouquet of fresh flowers, your guests will thank you for it. Flowers in a room, even at a work station desk, always makes things seem a little less dismal, more alive. The smell of fresh flowers in an area can also do wonders to the moral of most situations.

2 – Correct Lighting

You should make sure that your reception area, which is where everyone has to wait, is well lit. If the area is too dark, it could make the wait in that area seem a bit longer than it is. Natural light is always the best if you can figure out how to make that work for you. If not, just insure you have enough lighting fixtures to get the job done.

3 – Light Music

I know the world like to make fun of what we call “Elevator Music”, but the truth is, this kind of music is relaxing to most people.  A light relaxing mood type music playing in the back ground can calm the restless natives, so why not use this to calm your waiting guests as well. If your customers have to spend any length of time waiting for you, a little mood music can go a long way.

4 – Happy Receptionist

When you set out to hire your next receptionist, make sure you look at her (or his) personality (far above other qualifications) to insure they are a happy person. No body likes to sit and wait while staring at a grumpy looking receptionist.  This is the first person your customers will likely meet within your business.  Try to make their first contact a happy, joyful meeting.

5 – Comfortable Furniture

Consider for a moment, your waiting room furniture. Just how comfy is it? If it’s hard, or sharp edged, or not deep enough to get comfy, etc. You might consider upgrading to comfortable sofas and chairs for your waiting guests to relax on.

Take these tips as best you can and implement them in your waiting area for happier, customers.

PeteSome Basic Tips for Improving your Reception Desks